Media Library Upload Guide

This guide sets out instructions for uploading digitised/digital archive material as images or PDFs to the BH website’s Media Library. By uploading our digital collections to the website, we can make them accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world!

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Transcription Guide

These are the conventions which must be used to ensure that a transcription is as useful as possible in digital form while remaining true and accurate to the original manuscript. You can also use the conventions and tips in this guide when cataloguing archive material in the Item Catalogue form. However, the rules which need not apply in Item Catalogue fields will be indicated thus: [not for catalogue]; further explanation is indicated by an asterisk: [not for catalogue*].

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Cataloguing Guide

This guide describes the importance of the cataloguing process as a vital step in our Digitisation project which aims to make as much archive material accessible online as possible. Below is detailed guidance on how best to fill in the Item Catalogue form including tips on making sure we record all the information we need and conventions for standardising the way we communicate that information. This all goes towards making our online catalogue search tool as user-friendly as possible!

If you want to know more about our Digitisation project or the ODIN Database project, have a look at the Current and Planned Research Projects page.

This guide also provides some introductory guidance for the physical storage of archive material as part of cataloguing. This guide does not cover any other aspect of collections management, digitisation or website content management.

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