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Jigsaw: Cataloguing at Bishopsteignton Heritage
Cataloguing at Bishopsteignton Heritage
Jigsaw: Bishopsteignton Heritage Hub
Bishopsteignton Heritage Hub
Jigsaw: Digitisation at Bishopsteignton Heritage
Digitisation at Bishopsteignton Heritage
Jigsaw: Contribute at Bishopsteignton Heritage
Contribute at Bishopsteignton Heritage

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We have been recording and digitising the diverse collection of documents, photographs, and other items that help tell the story of Bishopsteignton. Our shared heritage is stored not only physically in our Heritage Hub but also digitally in our online archive. You can use the Search tool on this page to explore the collection, read about and view digitised archive material.

Tips for searching the archive >

You can see what we have digitised so far using the search tool – just type what or who you are looking for into the keyword field and click the search bar. You can refine the search using the other fields as required, or can see everything currently available by leaving all fields blank (may take some time to find everything as we get more and more available – be patient!).We have prioritised the digitisation process around current areas of research being carried out by our volunteers which means that so far the archive has, among other things, items relating to the Coombe family, the Football Club, Bishopsteignton Players and Children’s Theatre and the Scouts with more being added all the time.

To see more detail and where images are available you can see a larger version by clicking on each record.

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