Where do you Think You Are?

Fore Street Bishopsteignton

The January 2021 edition of Who do you Think You Are? magazine features an article  on Bishopsteignton Heritage and what we have been achieving over the past two years. This gave us the idea that we should start our own quest to uncover the history of houses in the village and who their previous occupants were. At our inaugural meeting in 2018 quite a few residents brought along the deeds of their properties, which could uncover the story of the dwelling. Now, after some investment in equipment and a newly equipped HUB, we are in a position to digitise and copy such deeds, as well as photographs of the buildings, then and now. The census records we have, up until 1939, can reveal which buildings are still in situ, which have been renamed or rebuilt, and who lived there in the past. This project would be of great interest to anyone with an enquiring mind, photographic skills and a love of telling that story.

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Bishopsteignton Primary School

Bishopsteignton School Band 1905

In 2023 Bishopsteignton Primary School will be celebrating its 50th anniversary in its present building. Of course the school itself has been in existence for much longer and the building that is now the Community Centre and HUB was the home of the school for many years. We are intending to  trace the development of the school and the history of it in the former building. We hope to encourage the involvement of the present pupils, parents and staff of the Junior school. If you can contribute to the story of the school, or would be interested in researching the topic or presenting the project in a way that would encourage the participation of the students, please do let us know.

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