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Parish Census Search Tool

Census search tool header image - family items from the Bishopsteignton Heritage archives

As part of our ongoing Online Database Interface (ODIN) project we have created a search tool enabling you to search the Bishopsteignton Parish Censuses 1841 – 1939.

Let us know what you think!

Parish Census Search Tool


Important announcement - Bishopsteignton Lockdown Diary

We are keen to make a permanent record of Bishopsteignton's various reactions to the present Corona Virus situation as part of our village's collective heritage. Every day we will publish a new page including the most recent Government announcements and invite you to comment on how you feel and what you have been up to as a result. Please have a look at the lockdown story so far and tell us how it's affecting you.

Bishopsteignton Lockdown Diary

The Story of Bishopsteignton

Our aim is to tell the “Story of Bishopsteignton”, its history, geology and geography, its people, businesses, homes and gardens through a mixture of digital and physical artefacts, events and information. To this end we will consider the village itself as the “museum” with the Heritage Centre at its heart.

Bishopsteignton Heritage provides a unique facility which interprets the story of the Bishopsteignton area through its heritage and enables the local community and others to become involved in enjoyable learning opportunities by sharing experiences, including digital and physical artefacts, events and information.

You are most welcome to visit and view the archive at the Community Centre between 10am and 2pm Tuesdays and Fridays or by appointment.

Become a researcher

The content on this website is entirely produced by volunteer researchers who have investigated the aspects of Bishopsteignton life, past and present, that most interests them.

We are always keen to hear from anyone who would like to join our happy band of researchers. Through collaboration many people have discovered information about their homes, families and environment which constantly engenders more exciting knowledge and new avenues of enquiry.

If you would like to be part of this fascinating project, please do get in touch. Come to one of our regular meetings or click here.


Alice Major wedding to James French 1908

People living in, who have lived in or are connected to Bishopsteignton

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Philip Coombe

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The Coombe Family

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Ken Dawe Interview 3: Cider, Wine and Fire

Posted Friday September 11, 2020


Events and happenings past and present in and around Bishopsteignton

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The VE-75 Knitted Spitfire

Posted Friday November 27, 2020

The Bishopsteignton Village Show 1995-2020

Posted Thursday October 29, 2020


Steam train on riverside line
Steam train on riverside line

Flora, fauna, geology, geography and archeology of Bishopsteignton.

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Rails Through Bishopsteignton

Air   Rail   Transport  
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Facts, figures and history of places found in and around Bishopsteignton Parish.

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Twinning – La Roche Maurice

Events   Organisations  
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Cross House

Historic buildings  
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Park Farm or Sperke

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The Spitfire Flies Home

Posted Friday November 27, 2020
Flying high

The great news this month is that the Bishopsteignton Village VE-75 Knitted Spitfire has finally found its forever home, flying high from the ceiling of the HUB at the Community Centre. Along with that we are pleased to publish an article about its creation and background. Read it here; Also keep a lookout for …


The Molly Coombe Memorial Lecture 2020

Posted Wednesday October 7, 2020
Alex receiving "Top UK Tour Guide" at the Wanderlust World Guide Awards. Presenting the award are Wanderlust Magazine founder Lyn Hughes and Author Bill Bryson.

Due to our present situation Bishopsteignton Heritage has taken innovative steps to bring you this year’s Molly Coombe Memorial lecture. We cannot meet in person but we can meet you virtually. Alex Graeme of Unique Devon Tours is preparing a fascinating talk for us entitled ‘Tales of a Devon Tour Guide’ which will be held on …


The Start of our Farming Season

Posted Wednesday August 26, 2020
Ken Dawe outside Ashill Farmhouse

This month’s offering from Bishopsteignton Heritage is the first section of an audio interview , undertaken earlier this year, with Ken Dawe of Ashill Farm and The Old Walls Vineyard. In this section Ken talks about his childhood in Bishopsteignton and his family history. His grandfather Clifford Wallis, headmaster of the primary school, his own …