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VE Day celebrations in Bishopsteignton

Well, if we were not all in this Lockdown situation right now we would be part way through a long list of events that Bishopsteignton Heritage were busy organising for the Celebration of VE Day 75 on May 8th 2020. We had  a programme of talks, a street party, theatre and music , a WWII exhibition, film shows, a themed Lunch and Big Breakfast, a Lindy Hop dance and demonstration and many more entertainments being organised by lots of the groups active in the village.

Well, we might be in Lockdown but that isn't going to stop us celebrating! A Programme of celebratory music and speeches is planned for the day itself, to be broadcast around the village. All we ask is that you decorate your homes and gardens, get your picnics ready, dress up and party like it's 1945!

For the ten days leading up to May 8th we published daily articles to help you have fun and celebrate the day. We shall bring you ideas for WWII recipes to try, hints on making bunting, printable colouring in flags and table mats, song sheets so you can sing along on the Day, ideas and videos on how to get you and your family costumed for the Day and lots more.

See the countdown pages here See the VE Day planned events

Important announcement - Bishopsteignton Lockdown Diary

We are keen to make a permanent record of Bishopsteignton's various reactions to the present Corona Virus situation as part of our village's collective heritage. Every day we will publish a new page including the most recent Government announcements and invite you to comment on how you feel and what you have been up to as a result. Please have a look at the lockdown story so far and tell us how it's affecting you.

Bishopsteignton Lockdown Diary

The Story of Bishopsteignton

Our aim is to tell the “Story of Bishopsteignton”, its history, geology and geography, its people, businesses, homes and gardens through a mixture of digital and physical artefacts, events and information. To this end we will consider the village itself as the “museum” with the Heritage Centre at its heart.

Bishopsteignton Heritage provides a unique facility which interprets the story of the Bishopsteignton area through its heritage and enables the local community and others to become involved in enjoyable learning opportunities by sharing experiences, including digital and physical artefacts, events and information.

You are most welcome to visit and view the archive at the Community Centre between 10am and 2pm Tuesdays and Fridays or by appointment.

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