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Parish Census Search Tool

by webmaster | Research

Census search tool header image - family items from the Bishopsteignton Heritage archives

Welcome to our Parish Census Search Tool

We have combined information from all the currently available censuses 1841 – 1939. There is a lot of fascinating information to be found therein which is presented as transcribed from the originals by our team of volunteers in order to enable you to research the people and places within the parish of Bishopsteignton throughout the aforementioned years.

It is worth remembering that the censuses are a series of snapshots taken over a couple of days, ten or more years apart. The censuses were hand written with varying degrees of legibility and some are damaged in places, so let us know if you spot any inaccuracies! There are a lot of gaps in the story of our village and we would love to hear from you if you have any information to help us fill them in.

This is the first delivery of our much larger ODIN (Online Data INterface) project which seeks to gather and store as much detail as possible about people, places, events, documents, stories etc. connected to our village, and present it in as enjoyable and informative a manner as possible, for present and future generations.

Credits for their contributions to this stage go to James Hooper for compilation, development and transcription, David Whitehouse for transcription and consultancy and to Rowena Bradnam, Ian Roberts, John Parkes, Hilary Davies, Jess Gibby, Liz Kirkland, Dawn Rogers and Jess Moore for transcription.


You can:

Search by forename, surname or both. Use full or partial names. Not case sensitive.

Search for up to three people – allows for husband + wife’s married name + wife’s maiden name, for example.

Choose the census year or years for specific queries or search multiple years to get an individual’s or family’s story through time.

Choose to omit “closed” records. These are records that have been redacted due the person concerned still being alive, at the time of transcription.

Once you have searched you have the option to hide rows where there are a lot of results and only some are relevant to your particular query.


As a suggestion try typing “Coombe” into the Surname field and click Submit to see the history of our benefactor Molly’s family.

Look back in the coming weeks and months as we add new people and places functionality.

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