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Website protocol

by Yvonne Hellin-Hobbs | Research

A brief guide to writing protocols on this site, to maintain a consistent style throughout.

Summary Paragraph

The Summary paragraph should NOT contain any unique information that is not in the article. If necessary repeat the info further down, especially if it requires a reference.

Links, References, Superscript

Please put the superscript nos at the end of the sentence and please put them in square brackets. Superscript button is third from left above your textboxes,  x2 .

Superscript when clicked on will scroll down to the reference section, not be a link to an outside source, so please do not make the superscript a link. Just put the link in the reference section. Number the references NOT with superscript nos. They should come out in the reference section in black and full size. Make sure that any web address in the references is enabled as a link by highlighting it, press link and then apply.

Ages , Births, Deaths, Dates

Ages are best described as years (of age or old) rather than just a number. So One year old, 70 years of age (or old), aged 10 or aged 10 years. It doesn’t have to be exactly the same in each instance; it depends on the flow of the narrative.

Whenever possible also put abbreviations on dates rather than just the number and the month, e.g. 3rd, 10th but don’t put them in superscript!

When referencing people being born or registered in a certain quarter, please copy and paste and include this explanation and link as a reference.

“Four times a year all the registers for England & Wales were collated into a single countrywide index, arranged alphabetically by surname.

The indexes to the registers are quarterly rather than annual in scope – the four quarters being known as March, June, September and December. Each of these covers the month itself and the two preceding months, as follows:

•January, February, March registrations in the March quarter
•April, May, June registrations in the June quarter
•July, August, September registrations in the September quarter
•October, November, December registrations in the December quarter”  


In addresses please put a comma between the house number and the street name, and please mention if it isn’t obvious, that it is in Bishopsteignton.

Always include the name of the village, as readers might be on the other side of the world. Do not assume they are local or know where, say, Fore St., or Radway Hill is.

Style, Grammar and Voice

Please put direct quotes in speech marks

Try to avoid using ‘He’ or ‘She’ too often. It is better to repeat the name as some readers may only be reading one section of the article.

Don’t forget that the voice the public read must be the voice of BH. Whenever possible avoid personal suppositions, presumptions or opinions. Phrase things in an impersonal, third-person way.

If you use material from or please do not reference it from Ancestry. Each piece of information should have its own original reference attached to it. Please use that reference.

Military References

When mentioning the 2/4th battalion, or any other combination of numbers, display it as above. If it is just the 2nd, or just the 4th, then it has the ‘th’ or ‘nd’ after it, and not in superscript.

Service numbers will be abbreviated as No, and Service should have a capital S.