About Us

The purpose of the Bishopsteignton Heritage Charitable trust is to deliver a ‘museum’ facility which interprets the Story of Bishopsteignton and encourages members of the village, of all ages, to become involved in learning about and appreciating the historic value of our community and its environment.

To this end we consider the village itself as a ‘museum’ with the Bishopsteignton Heritage Centre at its heart. This will be the ‘Hub’ providing

  • An online archive facility accessible to all
  • A collection of original and relevant artefacts, documents and photographs
  • An interactive online presence
  • Regular topical exhibitions and displays
  • A meeting space with full internet access and interactive resources

‘The Story of Bishopsteignton: A Project for the Whole Community’  came into being as a way of getting the community involved in researching their own history and the history of the village. This website is the product of their research.  The Bishopsteignton Museum of Rural Life, no longer open, has provided many documents and photographs which are a great source of information about the history of the village.

Our aim is to reach out worldwide to descendants of Bishopsteignton families and anyone interested in the very rich history of our village and surrounding area. The project is ongoing and will build with time.

If you have knowledge or information you would like us to share on this website, please do contact us. We would love to hear from you.