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We are always looking for volunteers to join our happy band of researchers, cataloguers, project managers and creative contributors. There are lots of roles with a range of activities you could help to fill and become a valued member of our team. Some roles and activities can even be carried out remotely so no need to travel across the world to take the opportunity to contribute!

Email us at [email protected] if you are interested in becoming a part of our team.


Roles include:


Our trustees are the governing officers of the whole charity and carry out all sorts of activities from property management to leading historical research. Your next volunteering role could be as our Trustee in charge of overseeing archival processes, supporting the creation of excellent quality web-content or even marketing and events management!

Events co-ordinators and assistants

If you enjoy event-planning or simply serving tea and cakes, we need your help co-ordinating special events such as school reunions, lectures and even dances! Communicating with local venues such as the Community Centre, Village Hall and local pubs, collaborating with small business-owners providing services or refreshments and managing small teams of volunteers are just some of the exciting activities you can get involved in.

Research objects at Bishopsteignton Heritage

Archive assistants

If you enjoy working in well-organised systems and tidy environments as well as getting hands-on with delicate records and artefacts, you would love volunteering to help with our collection. Especially suited to individuals working towards archival or collections-based qualifications, a volunteer role assisting with archival processes such as cataloguing, digitisation, indexing, packaging and storage could be your opportunity to join our team!


If you have a background in research and academia or just want to try your hand at writing an excellent history article, volunteering with us can open up a whole world of opportunities! Our archives alongside library and online resources can be your playground to compile exciting and poignant histories that tell the story of Bishopsteignton from Romans and Celts to evacuees. There are so many stories to tell and by volunteering as a researcher, you could discover yet more, helping to solve mysteries, share memories and even reunite relatives!

Website assistants

We are proud that our website is often the first port of call for our audience and you could help us make it even more enticing, user-friendly and useful. Particularly suited to those working towards qualifications or looking to further their work experience in web-development and content management, volunteering with us as a website assistant is your next big opportunity!

Photography and video

We are always looking for opportunities to create videos and photography projects that not only contribute to our record of life in Bishopsteignton but provide a creative outlet for keen volunteers. From camera work to directing and editing we would love your help creating photography and films that showcase the achievements of our community as well as our own work.

Digitisation equipment at the heritage hub
Bishopsteignton Heritage Hub

Stewards and Hub Supervisors

In order to keep the Hub open to the public for regular and convenient hours, we need your help to supervise the space and welcome visitors. If you love meeting new people and sharing and hearing stories and memories you could be a brilliant addition to our team. Just a few hours of your time a month could see more people than ever get closer to their heritage by visiting the Hub. Additionally, if you enjoy learning new skills you can also get involved with collections documentation, research, digitisation and many more activities!

Email us at [email protected] if you are interested in becoming a part of our team.

If you want to know more about why we need your help, take a look at Our story and Can we help you?.