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World War Two

War Memorial Bishopsteignton

Bishopsteignton War Memorial
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Bishopsteignton and World War II


Read about the people and events connected to Bishopsteignton from World War Two.

Please contact us if you have any memories or artefacts that you would like to share from this era.

Remembrance 2023

Spotlight featureSocial media trailerSaturday 11th NovemberSunday 12th NovemberAnimals in Conflict - They Also Served Today, whilst we all take time to honour and remember those who gave their lives in two world wars and later conflicts, it’s fitting that we also...

HMS Argonaut

  In December 1942 the Argonaut was hit by two torpedoes, launched from an Italian submarine that obliterated her bow and stern sections. Her rudder and two of her four propellers were completely destroyed. In Spring of 1943 Captain Henry Haynes RN, the...

La Roche Maurice in World War Two

Overview The strategic site of La Roche-Maurice in Brittany explains the presence of French Alpine hunters in April 1940, then briefly English troops who were replaced during the Invasion of 1940 by German troops, as well as White Russians (in fact Georgians) of the...

Nursing in WWII

Nursing in Bishopsteignton in WWII In the National Register that was taken in 1939 there are several nurses mentioned as living in the village and we can only presume that there continued to be some living and serving the people of the village during the war years –...