Primary School Heritage Trail 2021

How much do you know about your village?

The below was assembled by Year 5 and 6 children from Bishopsteignton Primary School after a heritage trail was devised for them as part of the Village Festival September 2021.  Armed with the questionnaire, the children, teachers and volunteers from BIshopsteignton  Heritage showed real engagement and resilience (in the pouring rain!) as their eyes were opened to the history on their doorstep.

The accompanying quiz can be seen here.
Why not have a go yourselves?


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2021 Census

2021 is the year that the latest British census will be completed. This article will explain just what the census is and it’s importance to the country, and encourage the younger generation to get involved and understand it.

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Commemorating the WWI Centenary

War Girls Quilt
War Girls Quilt
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On November 11th, 2018, the community of Bishopsteignton, Devon processed along the stunning Road of Remembrance , past the new memorial bench to St John’s Church to witness a moving commemoration service acknowledging the lives of all those who were lost  in World War I. This service marked the culmination of four years of Bishopsteignton events and research marking the centenary of the Great War which are recorded here.

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Village Festival and Carnivals

The next village festival will take place in 2022 with fundraising events planned for 2021 if circumstances allow. Before our present biennial festival the residents of Bishopsteignton put on some amazing carnivals over many years and there is a lot of photographic evidence in the archive and in villagers’ photo collections.

We are hoping that residents with memories or photos of the past carnival processions will be tempted to join in this project and help us tell the story of this great village tradition. If you have had any involvement with the festivals or the carnivals, please do join us in our attempt to bring these occasions alive again on the website.

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The Bishopsteignton Village Show 1995-2020

2020 marks the 25th year anniversary of The Bishopsteignton Village Show.  However, due to the current COVID circumstances many village celebrations have been put on hold until next year.  This article celebrates the history of the Village Show since 1995 until the current day and has been written primarily from the minutes of meetings that took place over the years and looking through the archives for newspaper articles and artefacts.

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Bishopsteignton Bombers – The Lancaster Past and Present

As part of our WWII commemorations this year Bishopsteignton had scheduled a talk by Richard Gibby to celebrate the 80th Anniversary of The Battle of Britain. Due to the restrictions on meetings we decided to use the innovative platform of Zoom to deliver the talk so that it could appear on the website. It tells of the Lancaster Bomber and its connections to one particular RAF casualty who came from Bishopsteignton.[1] Watch it below.

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Week Twenty-Four

Bishopsteignton Lockdown Diary

This week’s Coronavirus related news. Lockdown measures being increased by the Government in the face of the returning numbers of covid 19 cases.

Thoughts and feelings of the village as it faced the twenty-third, and looks forward to the twenty-fourth week since lockdown was announced. Logged in visitors can post their comments below.

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