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Video of the Remembrance Memorial Service held at Bishopsteignton War Memorial on Sunday 12th November 2023, featuring notable organisations of the parish and the exhibit produced by Bishopsteignton Heritage held at our Hub at the Community Centre. Look out for this year’s special contribution from Knit’n’Tink and Custard the pony. Itineraries of the Remembrance Memorial Services held Saturday 11th November and Sunday 12th November 2023.

Thanks to all the participants and organisations involved including:

Bishopsteignton Parish Council Chairman Cllr. Henry Merritt, Sharon Hurlow, Bishopsteignton Heritage Chairman John Parkes, Caroline Martin-Early, BPC Cllr. Dave Robbins, Eddy Stephenson, Colin Back, Dr. Ian White, 1st Bishopsteignton Scouts, Bishopsteignton Pantomime Society, Men’s Probus, Women’s Probus, Bishopsteignton Women’s Institute, Brian Dunford, Tony Early, James Day, Richard Moore, BPC Cllr. Robert Gateshill, Vicky Mosey and Custard the pony. The Royal British Legion were represented by Hilary Corlett and Standard Bearer Les Down.

Special thanks to Ed Ford and Prayata Dal Din for the camera work and video editing, some of whose footage was featured on BBC Spotlight.

Spotlight feature

Social media trailer

Saturday 11th November

Sunday 12th November

Animals in Conflict – They Also Served

Today, whilst we all take time to honour and remember those who gave their lives in two world wars and later conflicts, it’s fitting that we also think about the animals who served alongside those who fought.

In past conflicts, horses, donkeys, mules, elephants and camels hauled troops and supplies over difficult terrain.

Pigeons carried vital messages back and forth to the front line.

Cats and dogs were trained to catch rats in the trenches and onboard ships.

Canaries were used to detect poisonous gas.

Dogs helped lay telephone wires across the battlefields, and the Red Cross used dogs carrying vital medical supplies to find injured soldiers.

They all did this amongst the dangers of war, often losing their lives.

Their efforts and sacrifice should not go unrecognised.

The Purple Poppy is the symbol of Remembrance for Animals lost in Service.

Our Pony here today, is named Custard.  And he is a direct descendant of the Welsh Pit Ponies who were used to move heavy loads of coal underground in the mines during both world wars.

His coat is made from 800 knitted and crochet purple poppies, that the village knitting group Knit&tinK has made for this year’s Remembrance display.

So please ….Take a moment to remember the Animals WHO ALSO SERVED  Thank you


Caroline Martin-Early 12 November 2023

Knit&tinK creating the 800 purple poppy coat for Remembrance 2023

Custard the pony in Remembrance regalia and Tony Early