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Bishopsteignton Primary School 50th anniversary

by John Parkes | Bishopsteignton Primary School

The ‘new’ Primary school opened for children on September 4th 1973, although the official opening was 30th November of that year. The old Primary school in the village closed simultaneously with the one in Ideford and the children from both these schools moved to the new building in Cockhaven Close.

School Collage
Parents and Teachers

I was pleased to be asked to give a presentation to the schoolchildren during their morning assembly on the 50th anniversary of the official opening, 30th November 2023, and also to a gathering of pupils from the old school, governors and staff later the same morning.

The video shows the actual presentation that I used on that day but you will have to imagine that I am delivering it whilst standing on the school stage in front on 173 children and the staff of the school. 

Dave Killoran, the head, was my able assistant, setting the PowerPoint up on the school system and then operating, almost flawlessly, the keyboard to effect the animations.

Some of the history of the school is contained in the presentation but there is a lot more information available on the Bishopsteignton Heritage website.