Day Forty-Nine

Bishopsteignton Lockdown Diary

The thoughts and feelings of the village as we face the end of the seventh week of lockdown. Last night’s possibly game changing Government announcement by Boris Johnson and other news. Logged in visitors can post their comments below.

While responses to the Coronavirus Lockdown develop over the next few weeks, we want to record thoughts and actions in Bishopsteignton one day at a time. Please leave two or three sentences and any images you may have in the comments section below. Tomorrow we shall lock these comments and publish Day Forty-Nine.

News since last nights announcement

Raab takes quick-fire questions on England lockdown easing – BBC News

Posts on social media by local businesses and organisations made on this day

Bishopsteignton Heritage

The Hair Studio

2 Replies to “Day Forty-Nine”

  1. We were eagerly awaiting the latest update from the Prime Minister on Sunday as we had been led to believe the Government were planning the details of how to begin to take the Country out of lockdown. In the event, I felt the Government haven’t had the consensus of scientific opinion, nor agreement from the devolved Parliaments they were hoping for which led to a lack of focus and very little real information. We are told that people who can’t work from home will be encouraged to return to work from Wednesday and that we can take our daily exercise further afield. I think this will lead to mass movement of population around the country which will inevitably negate all the good of staying at home for the last 7 weeks. We are encouraged to wear a face covering when out in particular places but I don’t believe there is enough incentive for people to do this and it just will not happen. The whole thing has made me feel quite down at a point where we need to feel like there is something to look forward to and particularly galling after we were making the effort to mark the occasion of VE75 this weekend and spirits were lifted.

  2. The government appears to have decided that the NHS can cope with the numbers of covid infections that will result from relaxing the lockdown guidelines. Coronavirus hasn’t gone away, there is no vaccine. Treatments are being developed and gradually becoming more effective but are far from any guarantee of survival to the populace as a whole and certainly not to the 2.5 million people in the high risk groups. So for me, nothing has or will change about my approach to the situation. I have no choice but to isolate until there is either a vaccine or effective treatment. No one can accurately predict how long that may last.

    However I am in good health and spirit. I seem to have adapted to the situation. I have an active social life, albeit somewhat different and more distanced to anything I would have envisaged 8 weeks ago. So I seem as prepared as I can be for the long haul.

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