Day Sixty-Eight

Bishopsteignton Lockdown Diary

Last night’s Government announcement and other news. The thoughts and feelings of the village as it faces the sixty-eighth day of lockdown. Logged in visitors can post their comments below.

While responses to the Coronavirus Lockdown develop over the next few weeks, we want to record thoughts and actions in Bishopsteignton one day at a time. Please leave two or three sentences and any images you may have in the comments section below. Tomorrow we shall lock these comments and publish Day Sixty-Nine.

News since last nights announcement

Risk in UK lockdown easing too soon, warn scientists – Covid-19: Top stories this morning – BBC

Posts on social media by local businesses and organisations made on this day

Bishopsteignton Parish Council

One Reply to “Day Sixty-Eight”

  1. Another glorious sunny day…the weather during this lockdown has really been incredible. Today, Saturday was spent in the garden then at Shaldon beach. It was busy and quite tricky at times to stay away from people walking towards you. Daughter now knows she will be able to return to nursery next week and is beyond excited, but I have reservations the transition will be seamless. At least nursery is open during school holidays so a good few months back before starting school. Will be so good for her to socialise and play with children again. I am not too concerned about Coronavirus risk as her mental health at this stage is of more concern. We will also be able to.concentrate on work and get some proper work done rather than short stints.
    Another BBQ for dinner this evening. We have certainly eatan well during this time!

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