Day Thirteen

Bishopsteignton Lockdown Diary

Last night’s Government announcement and other news. The thoughts and feelings of the village as it faces the thirteenth day of lockdown. Logged in visitors can post their comments below.

While responses to the Coronavirus Lockdown develop over the next few weeks, we want to record thoughts and actions in Bishopsteignton one day at a time. Please leave two or three sentences and any images you may have in the comments section below. Tomorrow we shall lock these comments and publish Day Fourteen.

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2 Replies to “Day Thirteen”

  1. Life proceeds at a more familiar pace now that we are becoming accustomed to the changes put in place.
    Mealtimes are planned with more care and shopping trips are successfully reduced to once or twice a week by just myself with the family remaining at home. They are content with utilising the garden space that we are lucky enough to have, whilst I have managed to get out for the occasional walk around the village to break up the week. DIY/ Gardening projects have ground to a slow pace as the lack of materials arise, but there is always something to do trying to keep the kids entertained.

    Below is a picture of an unknown windsurfer enjoying the steady easterlies that we’ve been experiencing, before the total lockdown was put in place. Very little activity in comparison on my last walk out last week. The weather has been dry for several weeks with some welcome showers through the night last night. More sunshine and warmer temperatures to come leading up to Easter.

    In other news there have been reports of people going to parks in London and facing criticism for sunbathing unnecessarily, and the Queen gave a speech of support to the nation last night finishing with a poignant nod to her generation ending with the quote “We will meet again”.

  2. Well today was another beautiful spring day to cheer us all up. Went for a two and a half hour walk up to Haldon Moor. We only saw half a dozen people and 3 cars in the whole time we were out. Teignmouth Golf Course was deserted (closed) so we had a chance to walk across it to look at the view towards Exmouth.
    Had an e-mail from a neighbour who looks after the day-to-day running of our community sewage plant. There’s loads of non bio-degradable paper, wet wipes and other stuff being flushed (maybe everyone is still worried about the shortage of toilet paper in the shops). Talking of unpleasant jobs I also had to do some chiropody on my Mum’s feet (ughh). I have always said that was one job I could never bring myself to do but times require us to make sacrifices and step up to the challenge.
    … Gerry the gerbera is starting to droop – my sister-in-law thinks it may have been one too many G&Ts!

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