Day Three

Bishopsteignton Lockdown Diary

Last night’s Government announcement. The thoughts and feelings of the village as it faces the third day of lockdown. Also some links from this night’s Bishopsteignton shout out to the people seeing the country through the present situation.

While responses to the Coronavirus Lockdown develop over the next few weeks, we want to record thoughts and actions in Bishopsteignton one day at a time. Please leave two or three sentences in the comments section below. Tomorrow we shall lock these comments and publish Day Four.

Posts on social media by local businesses and organisations made on this day (from the link on Bishopsteignton Banter)

8 Replies to “Day Three”

  1. Another day at the Hub. Some interesting reading on Day Two’s page – largely quite normal activities, even if it’s not what people would normally be doing. I know Nathan’s been self isolating for longer than most of us so it is reassuring to hear he is doing ok. Spoken with a number of clients, most of whom are also friends. Mostly quite cheerful in the face of adversity. Regular communication seems to be the key – and the fact that everyone’s business is in some sort of trouble seems to be creating a camaraderie rather than the gloom that would occur if it was just them suffering the financial indecision and uncertainty.

  2. A call was requested at 8pm to open a window or stand outside a door or stand on a balcony and clap to say thank you to our NHS staff in the UK on the frontline. From our balcony it was exceptionally moving to listen to the noise ring out across the Teign estuary as people came together to acknowledge not only them but all those helping at this difficult time. A clap to all of us too doing our bit and staying at home!

  3. Another sunny day makes this bizarre time we are living through slightly easier. Having said that, trying to keep a 9 month old entertained during this time is challenging! My family used our daily exercise time to take in some sun and enjoy some of the quieter back roads of the village.
    At 8pm we stood outside and joined in with #clapforourcarers which was hugely emotional, it was heart warming to hear the village come together to show their appreciation.

  4. Just added links to some of the amazing stuff that were publicly shared on Facebook regarding the massive deserved clap out to the people that are in the front line helping us through this to this page. Will add more as they become available. If any of you have video I could share anonymously or otherwise it would be great!

  5. I missed out on the 8pm Clap for the Carers this evening. I was in the kitchen cooking for our customers but I did hear on the radio that the Government was asking flight attendant staff and others on furlough from their employment to come forward to help work as carers during the pandemic. I hope that plenty of people step up. I also heard that they have tested dogs in Hong Kong and they have found to be carrying the virus so people need to be a bit more vigilant about washing their hands after fussing their pets. It struck me that I haven’t left the village for over a week. I guess that I will need to get used to that for a while.

  6. Another beautiful day! How lucky to have this weather. The sun makes everything so much more bearable. Today I did some more work on the site then had a five strong Zoom meeting with my girlfriends online. So nice to see everyone and have a laugh again! That and all the brilliantly funny videos online can keep us all cheerful. Then went for a walk down to the river, stunning, and not a soul in sight. Very uplifting and calming. How lucky we are to have to self isolate here! Then, of course, the highlight of the day when friends and neighbours appeared in the street and on balconies and made a racket! It was brilliant! Well done Bishopsteignton, always to be relied on to answer the call.

  7. Again, the usual chores but I took advantage of this continued grand sunny spell to wash and make a start to dry some winter woollens. The laundry always smells better when it has had a proper blow outside! We now know that the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has contracted the virus and is in isolation, along with the Health Minister, Nadine Dorries. I hope they make a quick recovery. This evening’s Any Questions on Radio 4 was wholly virtual and I was impressed that I could hear all the panel and questioners perfectly. It is incredible how communication technology has developed in my lifetime. From dodgy party lines and putting tuppence in the public phone box to call Dad to pick you up after meeting your friends in town to a situation where virtual conferencing and personal communication, as imagined by the creators of the Star Trek series, is the norm.

  8. Mum is settling in now but beginning to think about things she left at home in the rush to relocate her on Tuesday. It took some persuading, but has now accepted that ‘lockdown’ means ‘NO TRAVELLING’ so I am having fun finding substitute items for her around the house (just like ‘make do and mend’ in WW2)!
    My Bristol friends (there’s big group of us) have set up a WhatsApp Group today so that we can all stay in touch – this is fun and lots of ‘funnies’ are circulating to keep all our spirits lifted.
    My BERT WhatsApp group has also been busy today – 124 messages in all so I’m certainly busy. Lots more volunteers are coming forward to help with grocery deliveries, making friendly phone calls, collecting medication etc. The BERT committee held a meeting using Skype tonight (a first for most of us) and it worked very well – amazing how we can adapt in a crisis.
    …..Today’s flower picture for Meg was taken by her favourite sweet chestnut tree in our gardens.

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