Day Two

Bishopsteignton Lockdown Diary

Last night’s Government announcement. The thoughts and feelings of the village as it faces the second day of lockdown.

While responses to the Coronavirus Lockdown develop over the next few weeks, we want to record thoughts and actions in Bishopsteignton one day at a time. Please leave two or three sentences in the comments section below. Tomorrow we shall lock these comments and publish Day Three.

Posts on social media by local businesses and organisations made on this day (Bishopsteignton Parish Council) (Bishopsteignton Parish Council)

9 Replies to “Day Two”

  1. Another warm and sunny day here in BIshopsteignton and we so deserve it after months of rain. Wonderful to hear all the birds singing and the skylark particularly in the fields behind. We are making the most of this sunshine with a good walk around the village. It always makes me feel better. All the people we met were happy to say a greeting and smile even at a distance. Been busy digging up part of my garden to grow some veg. I am a complete beginner but it’s something I have always wanted to do and with lockdown ‘stay at home’ restrictions this is the perfect time. I am even improvising a cold frame with an old piece of furniture and some plastic sheeting for when the time comes. After the 5pm Boris briefing I ,along with 18,000 others , am tuning in to Gareth Malone’s Great British Home Choir on YouTube. It’s keeping the spirits up and great for everyone. Keeping singing folks!

  2. I spent most of my Day Two helping in the Old Commercial Inn Off-License and Bakery. Again, we sold all of the bread baked this morning. Another beautiful day aswell! Other than the withdrawal from working behind a bar, and with the team in the Heritage Hub, it is easy to forget about Coronavirus living in a beautiful, open and not-too-densely-populated place.

  3. Another beautiful day weatherwise. Did some at home exercise. Tidied and cleaned the kitchen. Went to the Heritage Hub to do some Heritage stuff. Dropped in on the Old Commercial Off-License to say hi on the way down. Saw my old time friends the Gallaghers outside the Ring of Bells and had a quick chat too. Spoke to some friends and clients when I got to the Hub – communication is key to getting through this. Did some work. Came home trying to avoid contact with some at risk group individuals who clearly have no concept of social distancing for their own welfare. Said hi to the Smiths and now sipping an ok whiskey writing this. Not a bad day. I think I am very lucky at present.

  4. Local, sought after builder Ged Slowey has told us “All merchant shops closed but hoping the trade account holders will soon be able to arrange delivery’s. Screw fix are allowing trade account holders to click and collect. And of course will see you all at a safe distance.”

  5. More of the same for me today. Laundry, deliveries, kitchen prep and cooking for the evening takeaways. Alice baked up a tremendous Victoria sponge and I added the clotted cream and raspberry jam. Not sure I wanted to sell that really! Interested to see that it was confirmed today that off-licences are deemed essential services during this period so we broached a couple more casks of beer in the cellar to cope with demand. We are seeing so many new faces at our little shop door recently. It is very heartening and lots of them tell us about their memories of the pub and their time in the village. One chap who was originally from the village walked out from Teignmouth to come and see what was happening here as he can’t do his normal construction work. Today my friend Caroline posted on Facebook that she had joined a new Government initiative to recruit volunteers to do special community work through an online platform called GoodSAM. Many more thousands of volunteers have signed up than were expected which is amazing and a boost to morale at this time when most of the news is about the critical illness and deaths of young and old, locally and across the globe. A direct consequence to our business of India’s lockdown is that we cannot get technical help to remedy a problem we have with taking card payments. Right now cash is King at the Old Commercial Bakery and Off Licence but I heard on this evening’s news that Delhi’s homeless population are in the streets campaigning about the lack of assistance from their government.

  6. Living in Bishopsteignton, it is easy to forget the crisis that the world is currently facing.
    We are surrounded by natural beauty in all directions and you can see why the soldiers from both WWI & WWII came to the area to convalesce after the trauma of war. Especially in the sunshine, the estuary views provide a profound comfort.
    The village continues to be blessed with a very strong support network, not only through individual kindness, but also the local village resilience group, the numerous pubs, shop and pharmacy all going above and beyond to help the vulnerable amongst us.
    The Governments initial response to the pandemic was slow and confusing, but the village of Bishopsteignton put it’s emergency plan in place way before protocols eventually filtered through from Westminster.
    I have been self-isolating due to a family member having an illness, but have managed to communicate with my elderly neighbours to ensure they have everything they need. I look forward to getting out for a (socially distant) walk in the next few days.
    Once again, counting my blessings to live in such a unique and beautiful village.

  7. On Day 2 I also enjoyed the sunshine, and the bird song, and, not so much, the very loud conversations between the workmen renovating the house next door, but at least they are keeping their distance from each other! I am quite enjoying this lockdown at present. Lots of internet stuff going on and am in the process of establishing a Zoom group with my girlfriends so we can get together, online, on our friends birthday next week. I’m trying to finish off a few articles for this website to keep you informed and entertained. They will be with you soon! Also working on my Isolation Collage artwork, recycling lots of cards and photos with a seaside theme that would otherwise be hidden away in a drawer! Very inspiring. Cooking too, trying out new recipes to utilise the food in the fridge. Today was ‘Ribollita’ an (I assume) Italian soup with veg and sourdough bread. Delicious! Just found two aubergines so today will be Baba Ganoush and Moussaka!. So keep smiling folks, and tell us what you’ve been up to!

  8. Another sunny day to be enjoyed. The last few days I have been digging on our allotment to prepare for the new seedlings that will be planted. The fresh air and sun on the back is a real treat at the moment, as it would do ‘my head in’ to stay in all the time. Yesterday I planted my early potatoes and some onion sets and lifted the last of the kale and broccoli which will be a nice addition to dinner tonight. I also have seeded tomatoes, peppers, pumpkin, cucumber and beans. Today, I will give digging a miss but there is still plenty to do and will be tidying up, and mulching my raspberry bushes. We have also started to tidy our garden up in the afternoons and it is surprising how much work can be completed when there isn’t anything else to distract you by going out, here and there! I love cooking as well and this week have been looking through all my recipe books for different meals to make from all the bits and bobs from the freezer. Between the allotment and gardening this weekend, I will be making bread and scones, that should keep me busy.

  9. Meg (my lovely sister-in-law and best friend) is currently recovering from a leg fracture in a Torquay nursing home. She is not allowed ANY visitors so I tried to send some flowers. These got returned so I have decided to send her a picture of her pot of flowers somewhere different each day to cheer her up. Today’s picture was taken in the Lindridge water gardens.
    Went for a long walk around the local lanes and met many of our neighbours doing the same. It was really good to have a chat (well, more of a shout really as we all stood at least 6 feet apart from each other).
    We have set up a “WhatsApp” group for the BERT Committee to communicate with each other. My phone has never received so many messages – 47 ‘pings’ in 5 hours each time one arrives!
    Lots of volunteers are coming forward from the village and those who feel they will need some support are also registering with BERT. One of my roles is to keep these lists up to date in the master “Bishopsteignton Community Emergency Plan” for us ‘Berties’ to refer to, so plenty of admin to keep me busy today.

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