Week Nineteen

Bishopsteignton Lockdown Diary

This week’s Coronavirus related news. Not much in the way of update from the Government.

Thoughts and feelings of the village as it faced the eighteenth, and looks forward to the nineteenth week since lockdown was announced. Logged in visitors can post their comments below.

While responses to the Coronavirus Lockdown continue to develop over the coming weeks, we still want to record thoughts and actions in Bishopsteignton. Please leave two or three sentences and any images you may have in the comments section below.

News since last week

Coronavirus vaccine: UK signs deals for 90 million doses – Covid-19: Top stories this morning – BBC

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UK considers new spy law after Russia report – Covid-19: Top stories this morning – BBC

Government ‘too slow to help at-risk arts’, say MPs – Covid-19: Top stories this morning – BBC

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Travel chaos as UK warns against visiting Spain and imposes new quarantine

More confusion for thousands of British holidaymakers over Spain quarantine – BBC News

Brazil’s government accused of “crimes against humanity” over coronavirus – BBC News

Coronavirus vaccine: How close are we and who will get it? – BBC News

Posts on social media by local businesses and organisations made in the last week

The Old Commercial


The Hair Studio


The Cockhaven Arms


Old Walls Vineyard


Teignmouth Oracle


2 Replies to “Week Nineteen”

  1. I’m struggling to believe it will be August tomorrow! Lockdown seems now to have gone very quickly… Today I heard that the north of England is back into strict lockdown, just as we were all getting used to not hearing much coronavirus news. Very proud to say how well things are going in the beer garden at the OC, we are getting back some of the atmosphere experienced with our regulars in the bar, which makes us all feel more at home. As more businesses open their doors, I hope things continue to improve for everyone in the village.

  2. Today is the end of government help for ‘must shielders’ who should now apparently be cautiously confident in venturing out the government advises in line with its proposed timetable. This at the same time as the same government has the North of England back in lockdown, gone back on the relaxation of international travel restrictions and delayed for a further two weeks the reopening of certain types of businesses and activities it had previously scheduled for now.

    Nationally travel restrictions have been relaxed and there are now more people from the previously higher risk areas holidaying in Devon, mixing with the locals in shops and on beaches. There is a significant proportion of people not 2m socially distanced and not wearing masks.

    Still no vaccine or effective treatment.

    Yet people I know in higher risk groups due to various combinations of age, obesity and general health are increasingly out and about.

    This stresses me in ways that I hadn’t had to worry about during lockdown.

    So, I am staying where I am for now – would rather come out a few weeks later than necessary than a few weeks too soon after sticking to it all this time so far.

    I am not alone in this view – there are over 2 million ‘must shielders’ in the UK and the majority I have seen interviewed feel exactly the same way.

    Another new and significant source of stress that has recently occurred is having to defend against the well meant exertion of varying degrees of pressure from some very caring people on me to alter my behaviour. I am an adult, I am capable of making my own decisions. I am not alone in the decisions I am making. Don’t mind a conversation on the subject but please don’t start treating me differently – that would be the most isolating experience of all.

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