Day Twenty-Three

Bishopsteignton Lockdown Diary

Last night’s Government announcement and other news. The thoughts and feelings of the village as it faces the twenty-third day of lockdown. Logged in visitors can post their comments below.

While responses to the Coronavirus Lockdown develop over the next few weeks, we want to record thoughts and actions in Bishopsteignton one day at a time. Please leave two or three sentences and any images you may have in the comments section below. Tomorrow we shall lock these comments and publish Day Twenty-Four.

News since last nights announcement

Coronavirus: Top stories this morning – BBC Breakfast | BBC

Coronavirus: The situation in Europe – BBC News

Posts on social media by local businesses and organisations made on this day

From Bishopsteignton Banter

From Teignmouth Oracle

2 Replies to “Day Twenty-Three”

  1. Finally completed the amalgamated video for last Thursday’s shout out forNHS/carers/key workers. it can he seen here: Been helping and watching it work its way across the world via social media all day.

    Received a Tescos delivery in an eight hour slot reserved for those of us considered at “high risk”. I booked it on Monday morning when actually there were normal slots available which vanished between 7 and 9am. Turns out the high risk deliveries come from Exeter, whereas the normal ones come from our local store in Kingsteignton. I’d have preferred not to have involved city folk.

    Spent a surprising amount of time separating Dad’s items out and sanitising everything I could sanitise. Thanks to Lewis for dropping his stuff down to him.

    Had another home delivery of cider and some fantastic cheese from the Old Commercial.

  2. Watched the video of last Thursday’s ‘Over The Rainbow’ shout out to the NHS. It made me cry…what an amazing village we live in. Thanks to everyone who took part and to James for pulling all the video footage together (I know this was a really lengthy and challenging job) the end result is a true masterpiece.

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