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The Dig For Victory Plot in May

by Dawn Rogers | News

May has been busy on the Dig for Victory plot which is situated on the community plot at Michaels Field. The Ministry of Agriculture during the war years and just after issued a series of monthly guides to provide all the information needed to those who wanted to grow their own vegetables.  In 1945 the reissued series of guides were renamed ‘Allotment and Garden Guide’.  We have been trying to follow these monthly guidelines as part of our Dig for Victory project. In my last update potatoes had been planted together with preparing the soil.

With the lovely May weather there has been plenty to do on the plot and I have continued to follow the wartime’s growing guide main points which has resulted in the following:

Potatoes have been growing nicely and now are earthed up.
Onions are springing into action.
Beetroot seeds have been planted and awaiting their appearance, along with runner beans.
Planting areas have been prepared for planting winter vegetables, like kale and cabbage
Watering has been on going to ensure healthy plants.
Mulching and other devices to retain water in dry times has been ongoing.

We look forward to letting you know what happened on the allotments during the 1940s in our June update.