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John Edward Hulland

by Nathan Hutchinson | People, World War Two

John Edward Hulland (known as Jack) was born 29 June, 1922 in Bishopsteignton, Devon. Son of Edward and Ethel Hulland (née Taylor). He served in the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, as a Flight Sergeant (Air Gunner) in 622 Squadron, 1410959. Jack was killed when his aircraft came down on 20 April, 1945.

Early Life


John Edward Hulland (known as Jack) was born 29 June, 1922 in Bishopsteignton, Devon.

Jack Hulland

Flight Sergeant J E Hulland

Son of Edward Charles and Ethel May Hulland (née Taylor). Jacks father Edward was born in 1898 in Exeter and moved to Cockhaven Street, Bishopsteignton around 1911 with his parents Charles, Kate, brother Thomas Henry and his two sisters Florence May and Laura Kathleen. Edward Hulland served in WWI as a private in the Labour Corps, and later became a bricklayer. Ethel was born in 1901 in Evershot, Dorset. Edward and Ethel married in April 1922 and they moved to 2 Puner Cottage, Bishopsteignton. Jack was born the same year.

They later moved to 6 Radway Street, Bishopsteignton.

Jack worked as an apprentice plumber before he joined the R.A.F.[1]

Military Service

622 Squadron RAF

622 Squadron RAF Badge


John Edward Hulland was in the reserve aircrew of the Royal Auxiliary Air Force, which operated as a bomber squadron of the RAF during World War II.

PA285 Crew

Jack with his crew


He served in the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, as a Flight Sergeant (Air Gunner) in 622 Squadron, 1410959.

J Hulland & Sammy

Jack & Sammy


The 622 Squadron was based at RAF Mildenhall in Sussex and operated in Bomber Command’s main force as part of No 3 Group.

622 Squadron RAF

Bomber Command 3 Group
622 Squadron RAF


It was equipped with Stirling Mk. III and Avro Lancaster Mk. I and Mk.III bombers.[2]

Avro Lancaster I

Avro Lancaster I


Whilst at RAF Mildenhall Jack had a girlfriend called June who also worked at the air base as a photograph interpreter.[3]

June RAF Mildenhall

J Hullands Girlfriend June


PA285 Crew

Jack with his crew

Death and Burial


Jack Hulland and the six other members of the aircrew departed from RAF Mildenhall at 21:57 on Thursday, 19 April 1945.

The crew of PA285

The crew of PA285
(Credit Stuart Charlton)

They were onboard an Avro Lancaster (type I, with serial PA285 and code GI-O), their target was an oil depot at Regensburg, Germany.[4]

RAF Bomber Command Report

RAF Bomber Command Report

The aircraft was hit by flak and seen going out of control as five parachutes were observed to leave the Lancaster. It is reported that three of the bodies were found in the wreckage, whilst three had been electrocuted on an overhead electric cable, Jack being one of those.

PA285 RAF Crash Report

PA285 RAF Crash Report

The aircraft crash landed in Burgweinting, which is a short distance SE of Regensburg. Only Flight Sergeant E. Parker survived to return to the UK on 12 May 1945. Out of 100 aircraft sent to that particular target that night, PA285 was the only one that did not return.


RAF PA285 Graves

Place of Burial


John Edward Hulland died at the crash site on 20 April, 1945.

Hulland Burial

Hulland Grave inscription


Durnbach War Cemetery.

Bayern, Germany.

Plot 5. G. 21.[5]


J Hulland grave

Temporary grave of JE Hulland



Tribute to an Air Gunner

Tribute to an Air Gunner

Tribute to an Air Gunner




Jacks parents Edward and Ethel received several telegrams to 53 Radway Street, Bishopsteignton.

Telegram of missing RA285

Telegram of missing RA285


Letter from King George

Letter of condolence from King George


Jacks parents remained in the area for rest of their lives. Edward passed away December, 1967.

Many of the details above were provided by Mrs Hazel Hunting (née Back), the cousin of Jack. Hazel was the daughter of Lewis Back and Ivy Lillian Taylor, the sister of Ethel May. Ethel’s mother, Emeline Taylor (née Back) lived at 4 Cockhaven Street, Bishopsteignton with Hazel and Ivy in 1939. Ethel passed away in June, 1980 in Bishopsteignton. Hazel married James Hunting from Teignmouth. Hazel passed away in 2005 and James soon after in 2009.


Taylor Family

L-R Hazel Back, Emeline Germon,  Ivy Taylor, Bridget Channing.


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John Edward Hulland is remembered by the village of Bishopsteignton.


Hulland Memorial

Hulland Memorial





Author – Nathan Hutchinson

Photo credit :

Stuart Charlton

IBCC Digital Archive


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3. Notes taken from Mrs Hazel Hunting (née Back), the cousin of John Edward Hulland. And compiled by her neighbour, Ian Johnson.