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The ODIN Database Project

by James Hooper | Current and Planned Research Projects

The ODIN (Online Data INterface) Project shares its name with the Norse god of knowledge and wisdom. It seeks to record and map every detail that Bishopsteignton Heritage acquires in order to most effectively tell the stories of the people, places, events and environment surrounding our village and is specifically designed to make the best use of all of our projects – like the ones mentioned below – please get involved!

The eventual goal will be to allow visitors to the website to navigate their own journeys through our history – travelling from person to person, place to place being able to view pictures, documents and other items relating to them and facilitate research.

Our first step in this direction can be seen with the <strong><a href=””>Parish Census Search Tool</a></strong> released earlier this year. The great news is <strong>you don’t have to be a technical geek to take part!</strong> Just an enquiring mind and an interest in exploring our village heritage first hand. That said, some help with the technical aspects would also be most welcome!

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