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Village Festival 2019 Heritage Scrapbook Project

by Yvonne Hellin-Hobbs | Events, Festivals and Carnivals

An account and illustration of creative scrapbook workshops that were offered to adults and children during the 2019 Bishopsteignton Village Festival week.

The story of Bishopsteignton can be written in many formats and as a Heritage Trust we aim to embrace all media methods to portray our village history. Our remit is not simply to store and digitise archive materials of this village in the past. Our lives and our children’s lives are happening right now and it is very important to capture these too as they occur.

With this in mind creative scrapbook workshops were offered to adults and children during the 2019 Bishopsteignton Village Festival week.

Results of the children’s workshop can be viewed here:


One in four families across America regularly document their lives through the medium of creative scrapbooking, journaling their photographs for future generations to read.  Google itself encourages us to print off our key photos and write up our family histories before they are lost in the cloud.

Scrapbooking was the medium chosen to allow Year 5 and Year 6 pupils of Bishopsteignton Primary School to capture their thoughts and feelings about life in the area today as well as their predictions for 40 years time.

With close collaboration and many thanks to Sara Dunn, a Year 6 teacher at the school, the children were able to prepare their photographs, writings and drawings in advance ready for four workshops that took place during Bishopsteignton Festival week run by Jessica Gibby.

With colourful background papers, corner cutters, stencils, shape-makers and acid free adhesives at their disposal the children were allowed to creatively portray their topic – each making their own individual scrapbook page, now scanned onto this website. We are proud to display their work below.

We hope you can take some time to enjoy their favourite places in the village or see how they imagine life and key buildings will be in the future.  We greatly hope that the children themselves will return to the website in 2059 showing off their work to their own children and grandchildren. Their voices forever immortalised today.