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Occupiers of Ashill Cottage: 1798 – 1939

by Rowena Bradnam | Ashill Cottage, Places

A summary of the occupiers of Ashill Cottage/House, Radway Street and Ashill, Bishopsteignton, taken from the official parish records

Colour photograph of Ashill Cottage, Ashill, Bishopsteignton

Ashill Cottage, Ashill, Bishopsteignton

 18th Century
Breacker Family

The Breaker/Braker/Breacker family were in ownership of Ashill cottage from when it was built at the start of the 19th Century for Edward Breacker to it’s sale in 1910 by his great grandson  Edwin Braker Martin.

1798      5th April 1798 – Gift by John and Rose Breaker

“To all people to whom these presents shall come.  We John Breacker of the Parish of St George’s in the East in the County of Middlesex – Mariner and Rose Breacker my Wife send Greetings.  Know Ye that the said John Breacker and Rose Breacker for the love and affection that we have and do bear unto Edward Breaker of the Parish of Bishopsteignton in the County of Devon, Carpenter and for Divers other good causes and considerations us hereunto moving have and each of us hathe given granted and confirmed unto the said Edward Breacker his Heirs and assigns All and singular that spot or piece or parcel of land whereon to erect and build a dwelling house being that part of an Orchard called or known by the Name of Ashill Orchard situate in Bishopsteignton aforesaid containing forty six feet in length and twenty two feet in breadth together with twenty perches of land on the South for a garden plot and said plot and parcel of land  is bound by the Kings highway on the North and West and the said Orchard on the south and east parts.  To have hold levy, use, dispose of, take and enjoy all and singular the said spot, plot, piece and parcel of land aforesaid unto the said Edward Breacker his heirs executors administrators and assigns from henceforth for evermore without any manner of claim challenge or demands whatsoever by us our Heirs or Assigns or by any other person or persons whatsoever or whomsoever and the said John Breacker and Rose Breacker of all and singularly the premises aforesaid unto the said Edward Breacker his Heirs executors Administrators and assigns against all people shall and will warrant and forever defend by these presents.  Of all which said spot plot piece and parcel of land and premises.  We the said John Breacker and Rose Breacker have and do hereby put the said Edward Breacker in full and peaceable by the Gift and delivery of these presents in the Name of profession and seizing of all and singular the said spot plot piece or parcel of land and premises.  In Witness whereof we have hereunto set our hands and seals the Fifth day of April in the Thirty Eighth Year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George the Third by the Graces of God Great Britain France and Ireland King Defender of Faith and so forth and in the Year of out Lord one thousand seven hundred and ninety eight.”

19th Century

Ashill Cottage built between 1798 and 1829 for Edward Breacker

1829  29th January.  Last Will and testament of Edward Breacker. ” As far as concerning all those house tenements orchards gardens and appurtenances with all rights thereunto belong called or known by the name of Ashill in the Parish and country aforesaid with all rents that shall be due at my deceased I give and bequeath unto my beloved daughter Mary Vincent the wife of Simon Vincent – Carpenter, my beloved daughter Charity Martin the wife of John Martin labourer and my beloved daughter Joanna Breacker spinster to be equally divided between them share and share alike but in case my beloved son John Breaker (who is supposed to be dead) should return I give and bequeath to him the sum of ten pound of goods and lawful money of Great Britain to be paid by my three daughters out of the houses tenements as before mentioned”

1833      The Voters’ List shows John Martin as owner. (Son-in law of Edward Breacker).

1835      The Tithe map shows John and Charity Martin (nee Breacker)  in possession at Ashill House.

1841      The Census shows John Martin, Farmer and Charity Martin living here.

1851      The Census shows John Martin, Farmer living here.

1857      Billing’s Directory names John Martin Farmer at Lower Ashhill.

1861   The Census shows John Martin, Farm labourer living here.

1871    The Census shows John Martin, landowner and small farrmer living here. Simon Vincent, Carpenter and Richard Jackman Tailor live in adjacent houses

1871      Last will and testament of John Martin dated 10th May 1871

“In the name of God Amen. I John Martin of the Parish of Bishopsteignton in the County of Devon farmer, being sick and weak in body but of sound and disposing mind memory and understanding praised be to god for the same do hereby make and declare this my last will and testament in manner and form following I give devise and bequeath unto my Grandson Edwin Braker Martin all of my part of the houses Orchard and gardens there unto now in the occupation of myself, Simon Vinsent and Richard Jackman the same being situated at Ashill in the Parish of Bishopsteignton in the county of Devon also I give unto the said Edwin Braker Martin all my money securities for money goods chattels estate and effects of what nature or kind soever and wheresoever the same shall be at the time of my death with the exception of one Sovereign I give to mt niece Sarah Stevings (Stevens) at Greenhill in the Parish of Hennock to be paid to her out of my effects and the remainder to my Grandson Edwin Braker Martin after my funeral expences and depts are all paid which I do nominate constitute and appoint M Richard Hammond of Bishopsteignton as trust for this my will and I also agree that the said Richard Hammond shall be paid for his time out of my effects I do declare this to be my last will and testament in writing whereof I the said John Martin have hereto set my hand and seal this tenth day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seventy one.”

John Martin died at Ashill on 11th May 1871, his four children died before him.

1881       William Skinner Lives at 1 Radway Street with Uriah Vincent and Richard Jackman at numbers 2 and 3.

1883      Kelly’s Directory names Miss Marshall as living here.

1885      Edwin Braker Martin 8 August purchased that part of Ashill owned by Uriah and John Vincent (His cousins, sons of Simon Vincent and Mary Breaker))

1890      White’s Directory names Mrs Clayton Hughes as living here.

1891    Census shows James Martin 73 as occupier of Ashill Cottages

20th Century

1901 Census  Sarah Edmunds widow is occupier

1906 Rethatched

Ashill House with old Thatched roof 1906

Ashill House with old Thatched roof 1906

Ashill House with old Thatched roof 1906

Ashill House with new thatched roof 1906 Florence and Kitty Martin daughters of Edwin Breaker Martin at the Gate.

photograph of Kitty Martin

Kitty Martin

Photograph of Edwin Breaker Martin

Edwin Breaker Martin in regalia.

1907 Death of Louisa Elizabeth Hodder Martin of Ashill, wife of Edwin Breaker Martin. Probate to Alfred Martin Carpenter and Florence Ann Mary Martin Spinster.

1910  21st September Sale of Ashill and surplus furnishings by Edwin Braker Martin

1911  Census shows Robert Dimbleby, widower and his niece Helen Dimbleby as occupiers of  Ashill House

1934 Map of Radway Street showing Ash Hill1939 Census   Shows Robert Dimbleby, widower as a boarding house owner.

Later owners are Captain Martin, Major Drew and Mrs Joyce Pinder.


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