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Occupiers of Park Farm or ‘Sperke’: 1580 – 1939

by Rowena Bradnam | Park Farm, Places

A summary of the occupiers of Park Farmhouse, Ashill, Bishopsteignton, taken from the official parish records.

Park seems to be a late form of the older form Sperke.  In the Middle Ages a park was a large enclosed area where the landowner could hunt game.

16th Century

1580          The Burial Register records the burial of William Ewyne, son of John Ewyne at Sperke.

1583          The Marriage Register records the marriage between John Ewyne at Sperke and Juliane Laymen of Ideford.

1584          The Baptism Register records the baptism of Islett Ewyne the daughter of John Ewyne at Sperke.

1597          The Burial Register records the burial of John Ewyne of Sperke.

18th Century

1771           In a Judgement about the rights to various tithes, Park is shown to be in the possession of Thomas Bearne.

1789          An Apprenticeship Document has William Harris apprenticed to Turpin Turner at Park Estate.

1792          A Land Tax Assessment shows John Templer owns Park and Turpin Turner occupied the property.  This is repeated in the 1795 and 1798 Assessment.

1798         The Churchwardens’ records show that Robert Rolstone was churchwarden for Park.

19th Century

1801          Turpin Turner married Grace Gill in Kenn,  Turpin Turner was by now butcher in the village.

1817          The Churchwardens’ records show that John Grills was churchwarden for Park.

1828          The Land Tax Assessment records that John Templer is the owner of  Park and that John and Henry Grills are tenants.

1839          The Tithe Commutation for Bishopsteignton shows that Park Extended to 59 acres.

1851          The Census records that Richard Back farm labourer is the Occupier.

1851          The Census records Michael Walter as Fund holder annuitant as occupier of Park.

1857           Death of Turpin Turner.

Death Certificate of Turpin Turner 1774-1857

1861           The Census shows Charles Gilpin agricultural labourer as occupier of Park.

1871            The Census shows William Merchant agricultural labourer as occupier of Park.

1881          The Census shows John Smith and William Cann agricultural labourers as occupier of Park and Park 2.

1891           The census shows James Harris and William Cann agricultural labourers as occupiers of Park Cottages.

1897           Kelly’s Directory shows that George Maddicott, farmer occupier Shute and Park Farms.

20th Century

1901           The census shows William Clarke as occupier of Park.

1914          Kelly’s Directory shows that William Henry Willcocks farmer , occupies Shute, Park and Lodge Farms.

1939          Kelly’s Directory shows that Jn. Foote Johns, farmer, occupies Park Farm.

In more recent years Edward Perkin and his family resided at Park Farm. He was well known in the village for his work on the Parish Council and his appearance in amateur theatricals. It is now owned by Matt Bellamy of Muse.

Park Farm Cottage

If anyone has any further information about Park Farm or any photographs from there, please do get in touch and we can add to this article.