The Ring of Bells Inn

A summary of the occupiers of The Ring of Bells, Fore Street, Bishopsteignton, taken from the official parish records.

The original inn was a beer house on the corner of Radway Hill and Fore Street.  Later what is now the saloon bar was incorporated into the inn having been a dwelling house.

18th Century

1796          The Burial Register records the burial of William Hore, innkeeper.

19th Century

1837          The Baptism Register records the baptism of a child of Thomas and Harriet Turner, victualler.

1865          The Baptism Register records the baptism of a child of John and Eliza Sarah victualler.

1866          Kelly’s Directory shows John Wills as beer retailer.

1870          Morris’ Directory shows John Tucker as beer retailer and shoe maker at the Ring of Bells.

1873          Kelly’s Directory shows William Border as beer retailer.

1890          White’s Directory shows William Truman as occupant of a beer house.

1897          Kelly’s Directory shows Thomas Jones as a beer retailer.

20th Century

1914          Kelly’s Directory shows John Underhill as beer retailer.

1919          Kelly’s Directory shows Mrs Eliza Underhill as beer retailer.

1924          The Baptism Register records the baptism of a child of Samuel Thomas Aggett.

1926          Kelly’s directory shows Jn L Lockyer at the Ring of Bells.

1935          Kelly’s Directory shows Walter Osbourne at the Ring of Bells.

1939          Kelly’s Directory shows Chas. Ridgeway at the Ring of Bells.

21st Century

2018 The Ring of Bells is saved from closure.

The Ring of Bells Fore Street, Bishopsteignton.

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