Cataloguing Guide

This guide describes the importance of the cataloguing process as a vital step in our Digitisation project which aims to make as much archive material accessible online as possible. Below is detailed guidance on how best to fill in the Item Catalogue form including tips on making sure we record all the information we need and conventions for standardising the way we communicate that information. This all goes towards making our online catalogue search tool as user-friendly as possible!

If you want to know more about our Digitisation project or the ODIN Database project, have a look at the Current and Planned Research Projects page.

This guide also provides some introductory guidance for the physical storage of archive material as part of cataloguing. This guide does not cover any other aspect of collections management, digitisation or website content management.

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Commemorating the WWI Centenary

War Girls Quilt
War Girls Quilt
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On November 11th, 2018, the community of Bishopsteignton, Devon processed along the stunning Road of Remembrance , past the new memorial bench to St John’s Church to witness a moving commemoration service acknowledging the lives of all those who were lost  in World War I. This service marked the culmination of four years of Bishopsteignton events and research marking the centenary of the Great War which are recorded here.

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Bishopsteignton Football Club – The First 75 Years

Bishopsteignton Football Club celebrated its 100th anniversary on the 15th October 2020.  This is the club’s story highlighting:

-the ‘highs and lows’ throughout the years

-those that were involved to make the club successful including managers, players and helpers

-players successes

-a gallery of photos identifying the members, events and artefacts

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Weekly Virtual “Drop In” Sessions

In a bid to be on hand for our researchers and anyone who would like to know more about us, our projects or our village we are running open ‘drop in’ sessions via Zoom between 10 and 11am on Friday mornings.

One of us will be attending from the Hub so we can help with access  to our archive during that time. Groups can split into ‘break out’ rooms so multiple conversations can take place at once – just like our pre lockdown Fridays!

Please join us by clicking below:

Drop in

New Projects for a New Year

Bishopsteignton Football Team Circa 1921

So here we are in a New Year and a new lockdown! But fear not, boredom will not be a problem! Here at BH we have devised a whole raft of new projects for you to get involved in and keep your mind active. Check out our 2021 projects here;

Or maybe you have some ideas of your own about subjects you would like to investigate. Please do let us know. We are hoping to announce a regular Zoom slot for you all to come together virtually and talk to us about what you would like to research. To kick everything off we are researching the history of Bishopsteignton Football Club. The Club had its centenary in 2020, so we would love to hear from anyone who played for the club or any photos or stories you know of. Let’s make the most of this lockdown and get investigating! Looking forward to seeing you on Zoom.

Grace Coombe née Loud

Born 14th April 1898, Grace Winiefred Coombe née Loud was wife to Philip Coombe and mother to Molly Coombe. Grace married Philip in 1925 and lived at ‘Locarno’ for many years, probably until her death in 1983.

Photograph of Philip Coombe and Grace Coombe née Loud, 1969, inscribed in ink on reverse.
Photograph of Philip Coombe and Grace Coombe née Loud, 1969, inscribed in ink on reverse.

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The ODIN Database Project

Odin Database Bishopsteignton Heritage

The ODIN (Online Data INterface) Project shares its name with the Norse god of knowledge and wisdom. It seeks to record and map every detail that Bishopsteignton Heritage acquires in order to most effectively tell the stories of the people, places, events and environment surrounding our village and is specifically designed to make the best use of all of our projects – like the ones mentioned below – please get involved!

The eventual goal will be to allow visitors to the website to navigate their own journeys through our history – travelling from person to person, place to place being able to view pictures, documents and other items relating to them and facilitate research.

Our first step in this direction can be seen with the Parish Census Search Tool released earlier this year. The great news is you don’t have to be a technical geek to take part! Just an enquiring mind and an interest in exploring our village heritage first hand. That said, some help with the technical aspects would also be most welcome!

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Digitisation Project

Digitisation at the Hub

The Bishopsteignton Heritage Team have begun the exciting digitisation phase of the ongoing database project. While the Heritage Hub has been closed, our Archivist has been preparing our newly acquired specialist equipment to be ready for use. We will be creating quality digital versions of archive material held at the Hub and as supplied by the Bishopsteignton community that can be put to many good uses such as enhancing the incredible stories being revealed and recorded on our website. Over the winter, we will be creating some ‘How To’ digitisation guides as well as instruction videos to help train our volunteers to be a part of this worthwhile and fascinating activity.

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Bishopsteignton Football Club Project

Bishopsteignton Football Team Circa 1921

2020 marked the centenary of the Bishopsteignton Football Club. In order to celebrate this we would like to collect material associated with each decade of their existence. We have material in the archive that is being digitised and identified, but there must be people in the village who have their own collection of memorabilia that we could tap into.

Were you once in the team? Or your father or grandfather? Do you have photos or memories to share? if you are interested in exploring this topic or contributing to the project in some way, please let us know. We are looking for people with enthusiasm for research, storytelling, or photography and digitisation. A variety of skills are needed to put the story together, and make a really interesting article.

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