The Shops and Businesses of Bishopsteignton

transparent imageSupply Stores 2020 BishopsteigntonSupply Stores 2020 black and white BishopsteigntonSupply Stores old image Bishopsteignton

Here at BH we are looking for photographs of the shops and businesses in the village as they have changed over the years – not just old photographs, but more modern ones too, so that we can chart the changes. If you are rummaging in your attic or on your phone and you have any pictures of our shops, pubs or any other Bishopsteignton business, please do mail them to [email protected].

Does anyone remember The Dive Café, or the people in this photo?

The Dive Cafe Bishopsteignton

Bishopsteignton Heritage are very keen to get photos of  the many shops and businesses that have existed in the village over the years. If you  have a photo in your collection that has any of these establishments, even just in the background of an event or portrait please send a copy of it and any other information you may have to us at [email protected] – we would love to add it to our collection!