Bishopsteignton Football Club – The First 75 Years

Bishopsteignton Football Club celebrated its 100th anniversary on the 15th October 2020.  This is the club’s story highlighting:

-the ‘highs and lows’ throughout the years

-those that were involved to make the club successful including managers, players and helpers

-players successes

-a gallery of photos identifying the members, events and artefacts

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1st Bishopsteignton Scout Jamborees

Many current and past members of 1st Bishopsteignton Scout Group have participated in local, national, and international Jamborees; this article will tell you about the differences between the Scout Jamborees in the past and present and give you an idea about what it’s like to attend one.

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Bishopsteignton Football Club Project

Bishopsteignton Football Team Circa 1921

2020 marked the centenary of the Bishopsteignton Football Club. In order to celebrate this we would like to collect material associated with each decade of their existence. We have material in the archive that is being digitised and identified, but there must be people in the village who have their own collection of memorabilia that we could tap into.

Were you once in the team? Or your father or grandfather? Do you have photos or memories to share? if you are interested in exploring this topic or contributing to the project in some way, please let us know. We are looking for people with enthusiasm for research, storytelling, or photography and digitisation. A variety of skills are needed to put the story together, and make a really interesting article.

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The History of Bishopsteignton Scouting

We are very excited to be helping with this project, which is to be part of a Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme undertaken by one of the Explorer Scouts. Many of the artefacts and photographs of scouting memorabilia that had once been in the Bishopsteignton Museum are now in the possession of the Scout group, and we shall be assisting with the project in terms of training in researching, archiving, interviewing, scanning, and uploading onto the Bishopsteignton Heritage website.

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Bishopsteignton Twinning Association

2018 Twinning outside Saltram House

2020 marked the 25th Anniversary of the Twinning Association, which could not be celebrated. With the death of Maggie Sullivan, a founder member, her collection of documents and memorabilia has gone to the Association so we are intending to put together a suitable memorial and celebration of the history of this popular Village group.

If you are interested in the Twinning Association or are a past or present member with stories to tell, or photographs of your own experience, please get in touch and join the research team on this project.

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Bishopsteignton Players

Bishopsteignton Players

Here at BH we have several photo albums in the archive of past Players’ productions, along with the the history of the children’s theatre, several programmes and photos. Many villagers are still living who participated in the productions and may have more photographic evidence in their own collections.

The first Players production was in the 1960s so there could well be another anniversary coming up! Meanwhile, the current Players are still going strong, and have even managed to stage a production outdoors, during the pandemic.

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