VE Day Celebrations 2020

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The planned activities for the socially distanced village’s celebration of Victory in Europe Day. We will be adding video, images and further descriptions of the events once they have taken place.

We would especially like to record the village joining in with “We’ll Meet Again” at 5 o’clock, but would love to record any other history our village may be making on the day.

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Dig For Victory

The ‘Dig for Victory’ campaign was vital to help keep the country fed well and healthy during both of the World Wars and also during the years after.This is the story of the campaign and its relevance on a local level.

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Geoffrey Theodore Garratt M.B.E. MA

Geoffrey Theodore Garratt was born 7 November 1888, in Little Tew, Oxfordshire. Son of Charles Foster Garratt and Agnes Mary Garratt (née Percival). He married Annie Beryl Garratt (née Benthall) in April, 1920. He served in the First World War and during the Second World War in the Pioneer Corps as a Major, 135713. He died in Pembrokeshire on 28th April, 1942.

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